Sustainable Fire Engineering (#SFE)

Beyond Codes – Transformed Design Philosophy & Professional Discipline !

    • Sustainable Fire Engineering

      The creative, person-centred and ethical Fire Engineering response, in resilient built form and smart systems, to the concept of Sustainable Human and Social Development … the many aspects of which must receive balanced and synchronous consideration.
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    • 2015-Tianjin-Fire-Disaster

      SFE’s Aim

      The aim of Sustainable Fire Engineering is to dramatically reduce direct and indirect fire losses in the human environment … to protect the natural environment … and, within buildings, to ensure that there is an effective level of fire safety for all, not just for some !
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    • Fire Safety for All + Firefighters

      Building codes do not protect vulnerable building users in fire emergencies, e.g. People With Activity Limitations (2001 WHO ICF), i.e. frail older people, people with health conditions/disabilities, young children (under 5’s), women in the later stages of pregnancy, etc … and Firefighters.
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    • Environmental Impact

      Fire regularly causes enormous environmental devastation and social disruption.  It is also a significant drag on GDP in all economies, because of the damaging impacts on human health, flora, fauna, soil, air, water, business continuity and branding.  Post-fire refurbishment works are very costly !
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  • SFE 2016 DUBLIN

    This Century has had a cruel birth: extreme man-made & natural events, hybrid disasters, rapid climate change, and complex humanitarian emergencies.
    Join us in Dublin, from 29-30 September, to explore SFE.

    SFE Links & Docs

    Useful SFE Research Links and Reference Documents …
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Sustainable Fire Engineering’s Priority Themes

  • Fire Safety for All
    Fire Safety for All

  • Firefighter SafetyFirefighter Safety

  • Protection of PropertyProperty Protection

  • Impossible FiresEnvironmental Impact

  • Innovation & People

  • sustainable designSustainable Design